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What can you do if you hair looks brittle and lifeless after dyeing?

Kydra hair dye is our solution!

Kydra hair dye

Have you noticed that when you wash your hair after coloring, it does not look as nice as right after the salon treatment. It loses its vividness, tarnishes and becomes wayward and stiff. You try to make things right buying color care shampoos and balsams and use hair masks but you still cannot achieve the salon-like effect.

Why does it happen? The reason is that there are chemicals in hair dyes which allow the coloring pigment to penetrate inside but the structure and integrity of hair is destroyed. In fact, you sacrifice the health of your hair in pursuit of beauty. When your hair is colored, it becomes dry, loses moisture and is completely degreased.

What can you do? Does harmless hair dyeing exist? We at LIPSCLINIC have found the answers to these questions! We present you an innovative solution — the natural French hair dye Kydra.

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How is Kydra dye different from other products?

Care During Dyeing

Just imagine that you don’t have to worry about your hair anymore because Kydra does not only color hair but also provides care for it. All Kydra dyes contain Huile D’Ales, a unique oil which has 99% of natural vegetable components. Your hair is soft, manageable and glossy after dyeing.

Beauty Without Sacrifice

Kydra dye keeps your hair safe. All products of the line contain almost no ammonia or any other harsh chemicals. The dye is safe for both the hair stylist and the client. Moreover, the persistent color and gloss last for up to two months and your hair looks healthy even after washing.

At LIPSCLINIC we use a few series of Kydra dyes of which the most popular are:

  • Кydra Sweet Color Series which is toning hair care restoring the natural beauty of your hair and giving it a long-lasting vibrant color. You can choose among six “delicious” colors each of which consists of natural coloring components. It is up to you to choose what you like best: cinnamon, chocolate, raspberry, honey, praline or blueberry.
  • Кydra Nature Series which includes hair dyeing products with more than 80% of natural components. Nature dyes are suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and allergic individuals. Dyeing fills your hair with vegetable pigments. They nourish it and improve its condition again and again each time it is dyed.

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What effect does Kydra dyeing provide?

In order to answer the question, we have collected some reviews written by our clients who have already experienced hair coloring with Kydra.

Below are some Kydra reviews:

«It is awesome!!! I like it so much. I always get my hair dyed with Kydra. This dye helped to heal my hair at last and I have even managed to grow it. I am grateful to my hair stylist for recommending Kydra to me.»

Irina, age 27

«I had changed dyes and salons for a long time until I got to LIPSCLINIC and tried Kydra on the hairdresser’s advice. It is so different from my previous experience. Firstly, I have got the color I wanted for a long time. Secondly, after the dyeing my hair looks as if I have had some special hair repair treatment for a month. It is really a two-in-one hair dye: you get hair care and a beautiful color at the same time!»

Sofia, age 32

«I had Kydra dyeing with chocolate color following my hairstylist’s advice. I was happy with the result: my dark blonde hair with some greyness acquired a nice even chocolate color. After the dyeing my hair became soft to touch and manageable. The color was washed away in 4–6 weeks. In my opinion, the dye is rather durable and, of course, the color is just incredible and looks quite natural.»

Olga, age 29

Why is Kydra hair dye rarely used in Moscow beauty salons?

Working with Kydra hair dyes requires special training. A beautiful long-lasting color and glossy healthy hair after dyeing are possible only if you get to a skillful specialist. Kydra is a complicated dye. For example, few specialists can change hair color dramatically using Kydra or obtain the required hair color.

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At LIPSCLINIC your new look will be created by

  • Certified Kydra colorists. Our stylists have completed training and know all peculiarities of the dye, they know how to work with it and always get the desired hue.
  • Professional hair stylists. Some winners of international hairdressing contests work at our salon. They will not just dye your hair, they will help you to look at yourself from another angle, to create your new self and discover new aspects of your beauty.

Do you want to change your look for the better without sacrificing your hair?
Come to LIPSCLINIC for Kydra dyeing!

Call us at 8 800 700-72-87 to make an appointment or place your request.

Note: Ales Group company policy is aimed at developing Kydra dyeing services at high-end hair salons only! Kydra dye is not officially sold online or at any professional beauty product retail stores.