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Smart permanent makeup

How to look flawless and brilliant 24 hours a day?

In any weather, anywhere? Make a permanent makeup!

a permanent makeup

Just imagine: you look perfectly 24 hours a day!
And throughout your life!

Let’s imagine…

After a sleepless night.

You wake up in a bed with the man you love… You haven’t got enough sleep… But you no longer afraid to look at yourself in the mirror! Faded tired eyes, dull lips, and colorless eyebrows are in the past! You do not have to run to the bathroom to brush up. You have bright eyes and expressive lips. You look at 100 from the morning!

At the pool and sauna.

Imagine you’ve been relaxing in aqua complex with a friend; swimming in the pool, soaking in a hot tub, relaxing in the sauna… Her makeup has become blurry a long time ago and you still look bright and sleek. No wonder that the pretty boy has winked at you, and not at your friend!

Summer outdoors.

So you have gone to your friends’ summer residence. Summer, sun, heat, lake, barbecues; you want to relax to the fullest! You don’t feel like applying the makeup, and you do not see the point, since you are out in the bush. Especially since the makeup will get blurry in the heat and after swimming… But you can safely omit the makeup, as your eyes very bright enough, the eyebrows are clearly defined, and the lips are of saturated color.

Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and fans will think that your beauty and flamboyancy are natural… But we know your little secret… Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!

Permanent makeup can help:

  • make your eyes brighter and more expressive;
  • emphasize lip contour;
  • make lip color is more saturated;
  • improve eyebrows shape;
  • correct skin imperfections;
  • save 15-30 minutes each morning!

Learn more about the three basic types of permanent makeup!

Permanent eye makeup

You can have a neat lining along your upper or lower eyelid. Or both. You can have wings. You can have a blurred line along your lash line so that your lashes seem thicker and lush. You can darken your upper eyelid to make the eyes look mysterious. You can visually enlarge your eyes!

Permanent lips makeup

You can improve the shape of your lips and make them more voluminous and symmetrical. You can make your lip line clearer and lip color brighter and more saturated. You do not even have to use lipstick anymore. Although, you can still apply it over your lips, but you won’t need to draw the lip line!

Permanent brows makeup

By changing the line and shape of eyebrows, you can give any expression and mood to your face. You can make your eyebrows straight and sharp, or add a beautiful bend. Thinner or thicker. There are two main techniques, namely smudging or drawing of each individual hair. Master of permanent makeup will tell you which one to choose during the individual consultation!

Permanent makeup master — whom to trust?

This is a very responsible and serious procedure. Not everyone can be entrusted with face work, especially when it comes to creating a permanent makeup! Permanent makeup master should be of the highest level.

  • First, he/she should possess an extensive practical experience (10 years) in this sphere, apart from cosmetology.
  • Second, he/she must know and use the latest technology, due to which the ink is better applied and does not fade with age.
  • Third, he/she must be able to work carefully and gently, so that the procedure was as painless as possible.
  • And fourth, he/she should use only professional products from authorized manufacturers.

Only this kind of master is able to make permanent makeup look natural!

Where to find such makeup master?

At LIPS efficient cosmetology clinic! Your trust is most important for us. Come join us for a cup of tea (the clinic located in central Moscow, and there is a large convenient parking nearby), and we will show you our masters’ diplomas, preparations certificates, and review of satisfied customers!

We will also tell you what type of permanent makeup is best suited to you! What to highlight and line in the first place, the upper or lower eyelid, lip line, of the lips… And how to change your facial expression by means of brows…

Call 8 800 700-72-87 or leave an application.

Price of permanent makeup

Permanent upper eyelid makeup (wings) 7900
Permanent upper and lower eyelid makeup 9300
Permanent inter-lash zone (upper or lower eyelid) makeup 9100
Permanent brow makeup (hairs technique) 9000
Permanent brow makeup (smudging technique) 8700
Permanent lips makeup (smudging technique) 8900
Permanent lip line 7500
Eye shadow (upper eyelid) 16500
Eye shadow (lower eyelid) 10500
Correction 60% of procedure price
Beauty spot 3500

We would like to warn you: high-quality permanent makeup cannot be cheap. Low price indicates either use of cheap pigments (good professional products cost a lot of money) or low qualification of the master (only newcomers are willing to work for a small fee). Avoid low prices, as we are talking about the beauty of your face for years to come!

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