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Wish to have smooth and healthy skin like a child’s?

Treat your facial skin with vitamin “cocktails” at least every six months!

Mesotherapy replenishes your skin with vitamins and nutrients in just 30 minutes!

Do you live in Moscow? Do you like coffee? Do you smoke? — Your answer is “Yes”?

Do you often go to the country? Do you eat green apples every day? Do you drink freshly squeezed juice and natural kefir? — Your answer is “No”?

So, what do you want from your skin? Healthy shine and perfect smoothness? A fresh look and even complexion? Of course, everybody wants that… But instead you have


  • premature wrinkles,
  • saggy tired skin;
  • dark circles and bags under your eyes,
  • sallow complexion,
  • frequent acne breakouts,
  • enlarged pores,
  • oily shine,
  • flaking…

There is nothing to be surprised at. There are no miracles. But you can do something about it!

Treat your skin with vitamin cocktails. In just 30 minutes your skin will get all necessary vitamins and nutrients for the next 6 months! Is that a miracle? No. It is mesotherapy!

What result will you obtain?

After the first treatment session the lifting effect will be visible: your skin will be tightened and smoothed, it will become resilient. If you need a more prominent result, have 2-3 sessions. Then, the deepest wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes will disappear, your complexion will improve, your skin will become more resilient and firmer, the face contours will be redefined.

Firstly, you will look several years younger. Secondly, you will get plenty of compliments and questions such as “Have you just returned from holiday? You look refreshed like after a beach holiday!”

5 reasons to have mesotherapy done at our clinic:

  1. Personalized selection of the cocktail. Our doctors select the particular vitamins and nutrients you need. No “magic” products that suit everybody! Only an individual consultation where the problems and needs of your skin will be determined!
  1. Only certified preparations. We are ready to show you all certificates of compliance. It is a serious matter! We have seen several coupon websites which offer facial mesotherapy at very low prices: even lower than the prime cost of preparations set by authorized suppliers… It is frightful to think what they inject into their patients’ skin! Be careful and always ask for certificates!
  1. Only skillful doctors. Again, we are ready to show you our specialists’ diplomas and certificates. Even the highest quality preparation may become dangerous when used improperly. You have to rely upon your beautician completely.
  1. Bioactive points. If cocktails are administered into special bioactive points on your face (instead of injecting them just anywhere), the effect of mesotherapy will be 2-3 times more significant. Our doctors know how to find those points.
  1. Mesotherapy in the center of Moscow. Our clinic is in the center of the city next to “Mayakovskaya”, “Pushkinskaya”, “Novoslobodskaya” and “Tsvetnoy Bulvar” metro stations. We have a convenient car park. Welcome!

Prices of Mesotherapy

MESOTHERAPY Price (RUB) Effect Treated area
Meso-Warton P199 15000 Correction of age-related skin changes (wrinkles, loss of tonus and elasticity, gravitational ptosis). Areas of the face, neck, décolleté, hands
MesoEye C71 14500 Correction of periorbital hernias, elimination of dark circles and facial wrinkles under the eyes, marked edema of this zone Eye area
MesoSculpt C71 15000 Reduce the amount of fat in the lower third of the face, “paint bags” for a long time, promotes a pronounced lifting. Face, eye area
Meso-Xanthin F199 1,5ml 15000 Prevention and therapy of “skin aging”. Correction of age-related changes (wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity, gravitational ptosis of 1-2 degrees. The face, neck, décolleté, hands
Cocktail «Whitening» «Shine of the skin» 5800 Prevention of pigmentation, improvement of tone and complexion Face, neck, décolletage
“Skin resilience” cocktail Dermaheal HSR 4900 Wrinkle smoothing, skin toning up and acne and post-acne treatment Face, neck, décolleté, body areas
“Flash of Youth” cocktail
Dermaheal SB
4900 Your face looks refreshed and radiant even after the first session — perfect preparation for an important event. Face, neck, décolleté
“Turbolifting” cocktail Dermaheal SR 4900 Fast lifting, skin firming, wrinkle smoothening Face, neck, décolleté
Cocktail for eye area Dermaheel Dark Circle Solution 4900 Eyelid skin firming, removal of undereye dark circles Eye area
Non-surgical blepharoplasty Dermaheal EyeBag Solution 4900 Removal of undereye bags, lower eyelid lifting Lower eyelid
Peptide cocktail enhancer Dermaheal 5600 Cocktail effect enhancement by several times All areas
DM lift 3800 Pronounced skin lifting, muscle toning Face, neck, décolleté, body areas
Vitamin and nutrient cocktail “Vitamin bomb” 2900 Refreshing effect, skin tone evened out, pigment spots lightened Face, pigmented areas
Anti-swelling cocktail F-MAGISTRAL 2900 Microcirculation improvement, elimination of swelling, elimination of cellulite Face, body
Skin B 8500 Skin moisturizing and firming, fine line smoothing, complexion evening out, prevention of ageing, age up to 40 Face, neck, décolleté, body areas
Skin R 9800 Powerful lifting effect, comparable with that of phenol peeling, age over 40 Face, neck, décolleté, body areas
Skin-Colin 8500 Biostimulation + lifting, skin toning up and elasticity increasing Face, neck, décolleté, body areas
Skin-OX 8500 Moisturizing, prevention of ageing, skin tone improvement, especially beneficial for smokers Face, neck, décolleté
Non-surgical liposuction: cocktail based on Dermastabilon, a powerful lipolytic solution From 3500 depending on the treated area Correction of localized fat deposits Double chin, cheeks, jowls, troubled body areas
Anticellulite cocktail From 2500 depending on the treated area “Orange peel” smoothing, powerful anti-swelling effect Troubled body areas
Peptide anticellulite cocktail Dermaheal LL From 3500 depending on the treated area Elimination of cellulite and excessive fat deposits Troubled body areas
Peptide enhancer for body From 5000 depending on the treated area Prevents accumulation of fat in fat cells, stimulates lipolysis Troubled body areas
Peptide enhancer for pore contraction 5000 Skin smoothing, pore contraction Face
Anti pigment spot cocktail Fusion-Radiance 3800 Pigment spot reduction, whitening and skin tone improvement Face, neck, décolleté, body areas
Anti-acne cocktail F-GS PEEL 3600 Skin renewal, acne and post-acne treatment, skin oiliness reduction Face, troubled body areas
F-BTX cocktail — alternative to botox injections 3900 Expression line reduction, moisturizing, skin structure firming Face, neck
F-XBC BODY — anticellulite cocktail 4500 Elimination of cellulite, blood vessel strengthening, powerful lipolytic and lymphatic drainage effect Troubled body areas
F-XADN 3% 4900 Skin regeneration, efficient for treatment of sagginess, stretch marks, alopecia and acne Troubled face and body areas
MELSMON One ampoule 6900
Two vials 13800
Three vials 20700
Radiant skin tone, elimination of pigment spots and scars, lifting effect
F-CARNITIN 25% From 1500 depending on the treated area Reduction of localized fat deposits, metabolism improvement, increases efficiency of myostimulation and physical exercise by several times. Troubled body areas
F-HAIR MEN 4900 Hair growth stimulation in case of androgenic (male-type) alopecia Scalp
F-HAIR 4600 Hair growth stimulation, hair follicle strengthening and nourishment Scalp
MESOGENESIS 6800 The most effective stimulation of hair growth, strengthening, nutrition bulbs Scalp
Problem-oriented monopreparations From 1500 Problem-oriented Problem-oriented

As you can see, the price of a treatment session at our clinic starts from 700 rubles. It is the amount you can spend on a trinket which you don’t actually need. Which is more important for you: another lipstick (scarf, mascara, etc.) or the health, youth and beauty of your skin?

If you save just 13 rubles a day, you will be able to regularly treat your face with delicious cocktails that are so good for your skin!

Do you want to save your money? Order a full course of treatment and get additional 10% off!

By the way, you can have mesotherapy for any part of your body to obtain lifting effect and reduce cellulite! For example, it can be performed for your abdomen or buttocks. Many women have the procedure to lose weight and with great success! You can find more details here.

Would you like to know what patients say about mesotherapy?

Here are some of the reviews:

«I had mesotherapy with DM-Lift cocktail (which is also called DMAE) because the doctor advised me to. It’s just awesome! The facial contours have become more defined, my cheeks look filled and I look like the clock has been rewound a few years back! I like it so much! Thank you! I am forever yours! No plastic surgery — only you!»

Sofya Popova, age 45

«Mesotherapy helped me get rid of bluish depressions under my eyes.  I had only five sessions and I am happy with the result. Now, I don’t even have to apply foundation before going out.»

Irina Latypova, age 36

Decided to have mesotherapy?

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