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Eyelash Extensions

Is it possible to get eyelashes extended without damaging them?

It is! If you take your time and know a secret…

Eyelash Extensions

You have been dreaming of dense long eyelashes for a long time but are afraid that it can cause harm to your own eyelashes? You have heard a lot of terrible stories about eyelashes which start bending, breaking down and falling out after being extended?

Well, it is partially true. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens… There are a lot of amateur beauticians who have just accomplished a two week training course in eyelash extending. Of course, they do not know any professional secrets or peculiarities of this delicate job…

And lots of beauty salons offer great discounts to stay competitive. You can use one of numerous coupons and have eyelashes extended in Moscow in just 1 hour and for only 1000 rubles… In order to compensate for the discount, the salons try to rely on the quantity and have as many customers as possible. As a result, the procedure is performed very fast and poorly.

Do you want to know the main secret?

The secret of high-quality and safe eyelash extensions?

The main thing is to separate eyelashes during the procedure. 2 or 3 eyelashes must never be glued together when artificial ones are attached. Eyelashes must be thoroughly separated from each other and extended one by one.

It is the longest and the most important part of the process which is often omitted by unscrupulous beauticians as they want to finish the procedure as soon as possible. The result may seem nice at first sight, but if you use a magnifying mirror, the eyelashes glued together will be conspicuous. And the nastiest thing is that these glued eyelashes prevent new ones from growing normally. They get bent or broken causing discomfort and falling out one by one…

We at LIPCLINIC pay special attention to separating eyelashes during the extension process. And the procedure takes more time than in other places, sometimes up to 2,5 – 3 hours. Longer means better. We guarantee that your own eyelashes will be safe!

Is it possible to get eyelashes extended so that they look natural?

It is! If high quality materials are used…

Do you worry that your extended eyelashes will look unnatural? It sometimes happens if low quality materials are used or if the length or color of eyelashes is unsuitable. The result is either a doll-like look or just weird eyes that look messy…

At LIPSCLINIC it never happens! We use only natural mink hairs to create dense and soft eyelashes. And we are always careful when choosing the length and color. The choice depends on the eye shape, the size of the upper eyelid, the structure of your own eyelashes… and your wishes, of course. How would you like to look: flirty or dreamy, sexy or mysterious…?

The main thing is that nobody will know our little secret! Neither your friends, nor colleagues, nor even your loved one. Fake eyelashes cannot be distinguished from your own ones. And they are reliably fixed — you don’t have to worry that they may fall out! That is because we use high quality hypoallergenic eyelash glue which can only be removed with special products. There are similar cheaper glues of this kind available at the market but we at LIPSCLINIC never economize on our clients’ beauty…

How is the procedure performed at LIPSCLINIC?

  1. You sit down in a folding armchair, relax and close your eyes.
  2. The beautician removes your makeup and cleans your eyelashes using a special solution.
  3. The beautician determines what length and color of eyelashes will suit you best.
  4. The beautician separates all your eyelashes from each other and glues artificial eyelashes to them one by one.
  5. Done! You look in the mirror and wonder: it is quite unnoticeable that your eyelashes have been extended… But how gorgeous it is, how beautiful your eyes are and you look so different!

Read our clients’ reviews

«About three months ago I had eyelash extensions by a coupon (I don’t even remember the name of the clinic now). There was a 50% discount and I thought “Why not save money?” It was horrible!!! Well, it seemed OK at first. But after a couple of weeks my eyelashes started sticking out and then just falling out! I was so scared: if only I touched my eyes with a towel after washing, whole bundles of eyelashes remained on it. And they were not only fake lashes but my own too! Oh dear! I hardly managed to save my eyelashes: I had to buy a lot of different lash boosters… I hesitated about having this procedure done again until just recently. But this time the place was different of course!! A friend recommended LIPS clinic to me. Now everything is OK. My eyelashes look nice. It has been a month now and they are still as dense as they were at the beginning. Awesome!»

Yana, age 19

«Not long ago we went to Crete on holidays. The sea, the heat, the beaches — of course, I was not able to always be in fine feather. I wore makeup only in the evenings when we went to a club or a restaurant… And no mascara or foundation at any other time… But the most pleasant thing was that my loved one kept telling me how beautiful I am without makeup and how long and fluffy my eyelashes are! He kept saying it all the time, especially about the eyelashes! Thank you so much! You did it so neatly and naturally that my boyfriend has not guessed what the secret of my eyelashes is!»

Kseniya, age 24

Have safe eyelash extensions done!

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Prices of Eyelash Extensions

A good mascara and eyelash boosters cost more. If you find lower prices, be careful! We have already described the way cheap lash extensions are performed… Keep your eyelashes safe — only clinics that take care of their reputation and their clients can be trusted!

Eyebrows and eyelashes Duration Price (RUB) VIP specialist
Coloring eyebrows paint IGORA, REFECTOCIL 20 min - 1200
Eyelash tinting paint IGORA, REFECTOCIL 20 min - 1200
Coloring eyebrows with henna 30 min - 2500
Eyebrow correction 20 min 1200 1900
Eyebrow shaping 40 min 900 2900
Eyelash extensions, single eyelash method, full set, mink 2,5 h 4900 6900
Eyelash extensions, single eyelash method, full set, sable 2,5 h 5900 10000
Eyelash extensions, single eyelash method, ½ set, mink 1,5 h 2900 3900
Eyelash extensions, single eyelash method, ½ set, sable 1,5 h 3900 5900
Removal of lashes   1900 1900
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