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Waxing (Bioepilation)

Do you hesitate about laser hair removal? Have waxing done!

Waxing with the use of proprietary techniques in Moscow!

Waxing at our clinic has some specific features:


We use Depiflax waxes

These waxes are characterized by good texture; they can be easily applied and removed. They are not allergic, even for the most delicate and sensitive skin.

We practice gentle methods

We have skillful specialists who have been practicing waxing for a few years and have developed their own methods. For example, bikini waxing is carried out after anesthesia. Hair is removed on small areas to minimize pain. After the treatment moisturizing creams are applied which relieve irritation.

We perform hot and cold waxing

According to our clients’ reviews, hot waxing is less painful since wax heats skin enlarging hair follicles. This method allows removing hair easier and faster. The use of hot or cold wax depends on a patient’s preferences as well as his or her sensitivity. For some people only cold waxing can be used for bikini.

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Prices of Waxing and Sugaring

WAXING/SUGARING Ladies (RUB) Gentlemen (RUB)
Waxing Sugaring Waxing Sugaring
Armpits 600 750 750 1050
Abdomen 600 700 900 980
Full arms 2100 2100 1500 2940
Arms above or below elbows 790 1300 950 1820
Full legs 2500 6000 4500 8400
Legs above or below knees 1200 3500 1600 4900
Buttocks 790 1200 1100 1680
Bikini classic 1900 2100 3000 2940
“Hollywood bikini” (with a strip) 2200 3200 -
Brazilian (complete hair removal) 2500 3500 4200 4900
Inner thigh 590 1400 690 1960
Upper lip 400 550 -
Chin - 400 -