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Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of the constant need to remove hair?

We offer laser hair removal in Moscow based on proprietary methodologies!

You will get rid of unwanted hair forever!

Лазерная эпиляция

Just imagine: terrible pain during epilation, irritation, ingrown hair and stubbly skin will become history. Instead, you will have

  • smooth and seductive legs without any hair;
  • nice bikini area without the slightest sign of unwanted hair;
  • neat armpits like a baby’s.

No more travails before going to the beach or a swimming pool, no embarrassment when you need to take off your clothes. As our clients say, “life is divided into two parts: before and after the laser hair removal”.

We suggest that you find out how wonderful your life may be without constant struggling with unwanted hair!

Laser hair removal at LIPS clinic is:

Efficient: hair stops growing!

You will notice some changes after the very first session: unwanted hair will just fall out while new hair will be scarce and thin. And every time after treatment you will see that hair will grow less and less. Some time no hair will appear.

In order to get rid of unwanted hair completely, laser hair removal is performed a few times. You will find out how many sessions you need at a free consultation. The number of sessions depends on lots of factors such as the hair color, its density and growth intensity.

Why are 1 or 2 treatment sessions not enough? Laser hair removal affects the roots of the active hair follicles. But dormant hair follicles occasionally become active and hair starts growing again — then, treatment should be repeated.

Painless: pleasant stroking and no burns!

If you read online reviews, you will notice that 99% women state laser hair removal in bikini area or on the face is painful. Some of them complain of burns and pigmentation. Laser hair removal at our clinic is a painless procedure that does not have any adverse effects.

Why do we promise that there will be no pain or burns?

Diode Laser

Our laser has a sapphire tip which protects and cools your skin in the treated area to minus 5 degrees. You can have the treatment done with high power but all you will feel is pleasant cooling stroking with the laser tip. We offer painless laser hair removal in the deep bikini area, on the face (around lips and on the chin), on the chest, abdomen and legs.

Diode laser hair removal at our clinic is performed for body areas of any size. One touch covers an area of 10 x 10 mm. Our laser is efficient on any hair type and is suitable for all skin types.

Skillful Beauticians

Our staff consists of professional beauticians. Diode laser hair removal is a service we have been offering for over 5 years and we have never had any patients with burns so far.

A beautician will examine you before the treatment. If, for example, your skin is very tanned, the laser hair removal treatment has to be delayed until your tan vanishes. The power will be gradually increased from session to session to see how your skin responds to the laser treatment.

LIPS Laser Clinic, Reviews:

«I struggled with hair for many years. I tried different ways: shaving, creams and epilator. Finally, I got fed up with it and decided to have laser hair removal done. I chose LIPS clinic because it is where the beautician I trust works. I started with bikini and underarms. I did not use any anesthesia and it felt a little like tickling. After the very first treatment session my hair fell out though it started growing again in two months. I have had 6 treatment sessions so far and my hair has not grown for 6 months. Now, I am thinking of having it done for my legs. To sum it up, I can say that the treatment is painless and hair stops growing, though it takes some time. I recommend it to everyone!»

Zhenya, age 25

«I made up my mind to have laser treatment because I was just sick and tired of irritation after shaving. They warned me at once at the clinic that one treatment session is not enough. But I felt the difference even after the first treatment: hair disappeared, my skin was as smooth as a baby’s without any irritation or pimples. Of course, I had to have another session in 2 or 3 weeks. I have already had five sessions and I hope that it will be enough. What I like most is that my husband is even happier than I am. He said that I should have done it earlier.»

Sonya, age 27

Recommendations for Laser Hair Removal

You can find out the required number of treatment sessions and their frequency at a free consultation. Most our clients have laser hair removal done once a month, so the amounts spent in order to get a gorgeous body are almost unnoticeable for them.

Welcome to our clinic where you can have your unwanted hair removed forever!

Contact us at 8 800 700-72-87 or place your request and we will call you back.

Still doubt about laser hair removal? Have waxing done!

Prices of laser hair removal

Back 4900 6400
Lower back 3900 5100
Chest 2900 3800
Armpits 4500 5900
Abdomen 3900 5100
Bikini classic 4900 6400
Bikini deep 6900 9000
Buttocks 4900 6400
Between the buttocks zone 1600-2600 2000-3400
Full legs 12500 16500
Legs above or below knees 7900 10300
Full arms 10900 14200
Arms above or below elbows 6900 8900
Hands 2900 3800
Chin 2500 3300
Cheeks 4900 6400
Upper lip 1900 2500
Neck 3900 5100
10 x 10 area 3900 5100